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Just The Way You Are - Yellow Magpie

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Published on January 21st, 2012 | by Yellow Magpie


Just The Way You Are


These days we are surrounded by self-help books, some good, others not so. However, one thing they all seem to have in common is that they make the reader feel discontent with themselves and who they are.

These books appear to be all about getting somewhere else, somewhere better than where we are at this very moment. While there is nothing wrong with trying to improve ourselves and our situation, the danger is that we could reject our very selves and the place we occupy right now.

The old saying ‘Bloom Where You’re Planted‘ is an apt one and learning to appreciate our surroundings as they are now  is the perfect place to start.

However, often we neglect our essence in favour of what we think is better. So if we are shy we think we should be more confident and outgoing. We look at our more extroverted friends with envy and want to be like them.

Why can’t I be the life and soul of the party surrounded by people who want to be with me?‘, we wonder.

Meanwhile the extroverted friend may love to be with you because you provide that balance that he/she needs.

The Tale Of Flowers

Think of that simple little flower the violet, hidden away often under briars and yet so beautiful and appreciated by those who find them.

There are many human violets out there who believe they should perhaps be a beautiful rose forgetting that roses have thorns. They think ‘I should be a tall and unusual sunflower‘. Wait a minute, sunflowers are solitary. Then they think ‘I know. I will go for a daffodil, they are friendly and everyone loves them but damn they are so ordinary.

Why not be a violet and love yourself just the way your are. The same goes for all the roses, sunflowers and daffodils out there.

In the meantime listen to this piece of wisdom.

Just The Way You Are

This is all about loving who you are at this very moment. ‘But who am I?‘, we wonder. We appear to know more about soap stars and entertainers then we know about ourselves.

Where can we start? Well first ask the question ‘Who am I?’ and keep asking it of yourself.

Are you living your own life or someone else’s. Are you afraid to let yourself out of your safety box, let yourself free or maybe you are too scared to look at who you really are.

Do you worry about the neighbours what they think? Are you afraid if you were really yourself people may not like you? Who knows maybe they don’t like you now. So what if they don’t? That is their problem.


You are not on the Earth to please other people. You are here to express who you are. Whether you do that through your opinion or the way you dress or through baking a cake, writing a book, painting a picture or singing a song, do it and forget about what people are thinking.

They say the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in something. The next question is what do I enjoy doing?

Maybe it is reading, or dancing or singing or cooking. The important thing is that you do it as often as you can.

Whatever it is, the important thing is that you are having fun and provided you are not doing any person any harm or hurting them in any way then go for it. Here is a cute little video from the musical, Billy Elliott.

Find Your Path

The world and many of the people in it will do their level best to try to to get you to conform and do you know why? Because it makes them feel safe. Let’s face it if you are not doing anything out of the way then they don’t feel they have to do anything either.

You know the feeling when a friend does something like returns to university or joins a dancing group or auditions for a show. Admit it you do feel a little bit jealous and think maybe you should be doing something too.

The idea is to find your own path. There is something you can do. You have a gift, a talent. It can be anything from plaiting hair, to doing hand-stands to making bird calls. Have a look at these videos and see how some people are making the most of what they have.

Whatever your talent or art, let the world see and enjoy it but most of all enjoy yourself and have fun!

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