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Exoskeleton Suit Impact: What It Will Mean For Our Future

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Published on May 2nd, 2013 | by Yellow Magpie


Exoskeleton Suit Impact: What It Will Mean For Our Future

Exoskeleton Suit Impact HAL Photo By Yuichiro C. Katsumoto Creative Commons ShareAlike License

Exoskeleton suit impact will eventually make itself felt on nearly all members of society as the technology becomes widely adopted. With this prevalence will come enormous changes in how people go about their everyday lives.

Exoskeleton Suit Impact: Increased Electricity Consumption

It is very reasonable to suggest that the widespread adoption of exoskeleton suits would significantly increase our consumption of electricity. It is easy to imagine that the electrical grid will become stressed as a result of an acceleration in usage.

However, this may not be the case. As improvements in battery technology will be occurring at the same time as refinements in powered exoskeletons it is foreseeable that future suits will be charged during the night. Similarly to electric cars,, which are mostly charged during off-peak hours, exoskeleton suits might actually be beneficial to the grid. They could absorb the extra capacity available during the night time.

Exoskeleton Suit Impact Photo By Daren Reehl

Exoskeleton Suit Impact: Criminality

One of the biggest exoskeleton suit impacts on the future may be crime. It’s not too difficult to see full-body, bullet-proof exoskeleton suits in the hands of criminals breaking into people’s homes and robbing them. This could become a serious issue especially in areas that are under-resourced.

Parallel to the emergence of exoskeleton technology will be the adoption of real-time aerial camera surveillance. Gigapixels will replace megapixels as the the new camera standard. These ultra-high definition cameras will be mounted on battery-powered aerial drones that will constantly provide a live-feed to everything. Such a world will have lower numbers of thefts, robberies and serious crimes such as murder and rape.

Ultimately, people will be given a choice do they want to live in a world that champions safety or a world that champions lassiez-faire freedom? If they choose the former they will be safer. Pick the later and they will be at the mercy of criminals with powerful technology such as exoskeleton suits.

Exoskeleton Suit Impact: Surrogates

The simultaneous emergence of three different types of technologies may have startling implications for humanity’s future. Exoskeleton suits, 3D virtual reality glasses and haptic suits will offer a very different world than the one we inhabit.

Haptic Suits

Haptic suits are currently being developed that will allow the wearer to feel tactile feedback throughout their bodies. When this technology is refined you will be able to feel objects and breezes in a virtual reality world. Added hot and cold elements in the haptic suit will allow you to feel the warm glow of a virtual Sun or the cool chill of a digital Arctic.

We already have haptic feedback in video games – haptic suits are just a refinement of existing technology.

Exoskeleton Suit Impact HAL Steve Jurvetson Creative Commons ShareAlike License

3D Virtual Reality Glasses

3D glasses allow people to explore the world of video games and virtual reality as if they were seeing these environments with their own eyes. Currently, the leading contender the Oculus Rift which will offer near 2k resolution when the product goes public in 2014. Improvements in this technology will eventually see 8k or higher screens offering at least 16 times the resolution of this early technology and making these virtual reality worlds impossible to visually distinguish from the real thing.

The third part of this technological triad is the exoskeleton suit. Exoskeletons will eventually morph to become autonomous remotely operated robots. When combined with 3D glasses and haptic suits, powered exoskeletons, which will closely resemble people, will act as real-life avatars or human surrogates.

Just like in the film Surrogates, people will be able to vicariously carry out activities that they would never do in person. Haptic suits coupled with sensors on the avatar or surrogate would allow them to feel everything remotely without being present.

Exoskeleton Suits And Our Future

Exoskeleton suits will eventually form an intricate part of human lives. They will have many advantages and a few disadvantages.  Though some people may not like what they have to offer progress is very hard to stop.

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