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Exoskeleton Suit Benefits: Enabling The Disabled And Able-Bodied

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Published on April 30th, 2013 | by Yellow Magpie


Exoskeleton Suit Benefits: Enabling The Disabled And Able-Bodied

Exoskeleton Suit Benefits HULC (Human Universal Load Carrier)

Exoskeleton suits pledge to give the physically disabled the ability to become fully functional again and the able-bodied to perform superhuman feats that would ordinarily be impossible. Exoskeleton suit benefits, promise to greatly enhance human lives and bring the future to the present.

Exoskeleton Suit Benefits And Construction

The construction industry is one of the most hazardous areas of employment. Fatalities in construction are nearly three times higher the average than in other sectors. The heavy duty lifting nature of the work and its wear and tear on the body are of particular concern. Musculoskeletal injuries and chronic illness also have a high prevalence in the building trade.

Exoskeleton suit benefits become apparent when you consider how much they could reduce the burden of working on a construction site. Heavy, awkward objects would no longer have to be manhandled. Exoskeleton suits would make such onerous tasks easier and less time-consuming increasing both productivity and safety in one fell swoop.

 Exoskeleton Suit Benefits Human Universal Load Carrier (HULC)

Healthcare And The Disabled

One of exoskeleton suit benefits is assisting the disabled. Wheelchair-bound people could walk again unassisted. They would once more have access to things that we take for granted. Public buildings such as cinemas, schools and libraries are not always the most wheelchair-friendly of places. Having an exoskeleton suit that allows people to walk would give these people access to places that they would normally struggle to enter.

Exoskeleton suits will be of special interest to healthcare professionals who will now be able to lift heavy patients unassisted. Eventually, exoskeleton suits will become affordable and consequently will be adopted by home users. This will aid the elderly and those in need of temporary convalescence in providing independent homecare.

Exoskeleton suits are ideal for rehabilitation work to improve people’s motor function and help their recovery from accidents and illnesses. Allowing patients to experience the motion of walking and other physical activities such as climbing etc. can greatly speed up the process of recovery.

Exoskeleton Suit Benefits And Seizures

There are other areas where the benefits of exoskeleton suits are not so obvious. One group of people that would derive enormous aid from these powered exoskeletons are those who suffer from epilepsy. People with bad cases are prone to having seizures and dropping to the ground without any prior warning. Such episodes can occur anyway even when they are doing activities that could become life-threatening such as crossing a street.

Now imagine that these people are wearing exoskeleton suits that have sufficiently advanced artificial intelligence to guide the wearer to a place of safety were they to suddenly become incapacitated.

Exoskeleton Suit Benefits: Man-Amplification

Exoskeleton suits promise to also assist the able-bodied allowing them to execute physical feats that otherwise would not be humanly possible. Rescue workers could remove hazards and get to victims in disaster situations without risk to their own lives. They would use fully enclosed powered exoskeletons with independent environments.

Police officers could protect themselves inside exoskeleton suits while apprehending criminals or in riot situations.

These are just some of the exoskeleton suit benefits that will arise when this incredible technology reaches maturity in the coming years. More uses will undoubtedly be found as the upsides become more apparent.

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