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The England Riots And A Radical New System Of Governance - Yellow Magpie

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Published on August 31st, 2011 | by Yellow Magpie


The England Riots And A Radical New System Of Governance


Welcome to the final part of Yellow Magpie’s in-depth analysis of the England Rioting. This part will explore a radically new system of governance.

Being elected and getting re-elected are politician’s main motivations. Therefore, long-term projects and strategies will always be low on politicians’ lists preferring quick-fix solution and issues that can be rapidly resolved instead.

What do you think the chances are that the current United Kingdom politicians can solve the problems? Do you think they will succeed or instead focus on a side-issue that only superficially deals with the situation?

For of the reasons above it means that it is unlikely that any solution will be properly implemented by the political class.

We live in an unprecedented age, instant knowledge is at the tip of our fingers. We have developed the infrastructure to communicate with anyone throughout the world. What is more, we are approaching the cusp of what will be a technological and medical revolution.

A Radical New Implementation

Yet even with all these advances we are still be governed by poorly performing politicians. It is only a matter of time before people soon start to realise that they have no need for politicians, whatsoever, and the general public can do the job themselves.

Commentators such as Clay Shirky have realised that the job of  the politician is endangered. Therefore, this discourse is part of the public domain and politicians are only too well-aware of this. That may be why there have been clamours from people such as Sarkosy to regulate the Internet and bring in tighter controls on social media.

This is simply misdirection, a cheap magician’s trick designed to apportion blame to somewhere else instead of highlighting the true causes. All technology, while not quite neutral, reflects the values of the user. Social media and the Internet is simply a mirror that imbibes the characteristics of the people who use them, nothing more, and nothing less.

So what would the new landscape of a world without politicians, a world with people in charge look like and how would it be implemented? For a start people would set the agenda. Individuals could suggest policies to implement and the nation could vote for which one they believed to be the better choice. The civil servants would be tasked with the implementation of the public’s chosen strategies.

Problems To Be Overcome

Nothing good comes from holding secrets and keeping the public in the dark. All reports would be made available to a nation’s citizens in a transparent process.

Instead of politicians, countries would employ negotiators to deal with foreign policy. Given a clear mandate, chosen by citizens, it would be the negotiators task to try to achieve the best possible terms.

Problems that would need to be overcome is the security. This could be got around by administering personal identification codes and unique alpha-numeric passwords on a secure, network encrypted cloud of servers.

Better security measures would probably be needed for people voting on the proposed policies. Local voting booths utilising iris-recognition identification may afford the system better protection. Wars and defence would pose other problems.

However, you don’t have to look too far back to realise that the vast majority of the public of all developed nations did not support either the Iraq or Afghanistan Wars. This indicates that there are no immediate war threats to any developed nations.

A Practical Model

While crowdsourcing, the outsourcing of tasks to a group or community of people is still in  its infancy there are still a number of major successes. Lynx opensource software is perhaps the most reliable of all the operating systems and used by large government agencies and web hosting companies. Wikipedia, has become the largest source of information in the modern world.

These are two well-known examples that this model can work. Nevertheless, there is a third, less famous example but perhaps potentially much more successful and revolutionary. This is the new digital currency of bitcoin. This successful currency is already growing in value and is the epitome of people taking control of their own destiny.

The extrapolation to running a country will require great care and consideration. Well-thought-out mechanisms that set up a system are needed to prevent chaos. Individual public proposals will need to be qualified by gaining a certain amount of support before the public can vote.

However, all of these issues can be overcome and the new system will evolve to meet the needs of the people.

Where Do We Start?

Looking at where to begin can be an overwhelming experience. Just exactly where does one start to completely change the way human affairs are governed? If you contemplate starting at the top, then the scale of the areas needing addressing can be suffocating.

Much more manageable is to start small and concentrate on streets and countryside boroughs. For there an evolving multi-stage process will eventually occur.

What Is Stopping Us?

The only thing that needs to be changed in order for this radically different system of government to be implemented is a change of mindset. Although politicians claim that the general public is highly astute, how many of them actually believe this? The truth is that general citizens are far more competent than any political class.

The public consists of doctors, engineers, economists, and teachers. In short, everybody knows a great deal about how parts of society run. This is expertise that politicians could never have. This model of citizens running their country will eventually become commonplace the only question is when. We can speed up the process or we can procrastinate, the choice is ours.

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