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Being Your Best Self - Yellow Magpie

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Published on February 11th, 2012 | by Yellow Magpie


Being Your Best Self


Being your best self requires thought, hard work and discipline. It is no coincidence that those people we admire for the way they look and behave, the manner in which they dress, their charm etc. have become that way.

You can almost guarantee that they have put a lot of work and investment into themselves.  How can we make the most of who we are to look better, be charming, kinder and more confident?

Finding Ourselves

Many of us don’t really know ourselves very well. We are so busy watching others and either criticising them, being jealous or envying them, that we hardly have time to think about our own talents and abilities.

We think others have it all and yet if we take a look at our own lives very often they are filled with blessings.

For starters, why not make a mental or written list of the many things in your life that make it better.

Make an inventory of yourself, your hair, skin, figure etc. If you don’t like what you see instead of diving into a packet of biscuits or ice cream for comfort why not concentrate on how you would like to look and then set about achieving that.

It is a sad fact that before people get to know us they judge us on how we look, we all do it. If we see someone looking particularly well and attractive we tend to treat them differently. We are all aware that people who are good-looking are generally better treated.

This may be unfair yet there is no point in stewing over it. It is much better to make the most of ourselves. And in most cases if we study people we perceive to be attractive they are more likely to have taken care over their hair, clothes and shoes. Which makes them appear more attractive.

The good news is we can do the same. It just takes some time and forward planning. Looking our very best requires that we eat healthily, exercise regularly and dress appealingly.

Woman Jogging Photo By Mike Baird

This will take some effort but pays off in the long run both in terms of more energy, a trimmer body and the added confidence of looking your best.


If you are shy and you feel it is holding you back then begin by accepting that you are shy and know that many people find this trait quite charming.

Just because a particular person seems to be the life and soul of the party doesn’t mean they are liked anymore than you.

In fact, very confident people often make others feel intimidated so just be aware that your gentleness and quiet spirit is a gift and remember that often shy people are more sensitive to others’ feelings.

If it is really getting you down and preventing you from socialising then there are courses you can do to improve yourself and help give your self-esteem an added boost.

Most towns have self-development courses, or better still why not just join something you enjoy like a choir, musical society, art classes.

However, let it be something that is light and fun, not something you will have to think about too much.Instead of focusing on what everyone is thinking of you just relax and enjoy it.

Women Jumping Photo By Dmitry Valberg

Finding Something To Excel In

Why not become an expert on something or somebody? It can be anything you like just so long as it is a subject you love.

The purpose is not to bore everyone with your knowledge but to become known as something of an authority on the subject. I’ll bet there is something out there that you really revel in so why not delve more into it and learn all you can about the subject.

It might be cookery, or perhaps just one particular dish. You could become known for putting quirky pictures  or jokes on Facebook. Or maybe you have found a new way of putting on a duvet cover, have a way with flower arranging, are brilliant at painting nails or know all there is about a an exotic animal.

Youtube is full of videos of people who have become expert in a whole range of things from packing a suitcase, to putting on eye make-up to folding sheets and they are not shy about broadcasting their talents for everyone to see. What’s more people watch them, enjoy them and go on to try to copy them.


Everyone should have at least two hobbies one they can do at home and another that takes them out of the house to meet others.

The purpose of the hobby at home is to keep you occupied on those days and evenings when there is nothing particular happening. The other is designed to get you out of the house and mixing with other like-minded individuals. Thereby expanding your social circle and skills.

There is also the matter of putting yourself out there. As the Diana Ross song goes ‘I’m coming out’ and why not?

Don’t hide your light under a bushel. Go for it! If you are given a talent why not let others enjoy it, provided of course that you always do it in a humble way.

Sun Hiding Behind A Cloud

No one likes a show off, so always let your light shine in a dignified way.


Kindness is a trait that is often ignored when making the most of yourself.  Who out there does not need a kind word , a pat on the back and some understanding?

The world can be harsh we all need and crave some softness. Many put up hard shells to protect themselves yet underneath they are mostly frightened, lonely, unsure and afraid.

It is true that kindness is often seen as weakness by those who have bought into a particular way of life, but most people appreciate a kind word, it is like balm for the soul.

Try to be nice to everyone you meet today, and wrap them in a blanket of warmth. You can do this by being generous with your time, your money or by just listening to them.


It is more blessed to give than to receive.’ This is certainly true. We all know the good feeling we get from giving a gift to someone. We enjoy wrapping it up, writing on a card and handing it over.

We don’t have to wait for a special occasion to get that feel-good feeling, we can give every day through words, a smile or a hug.

All of the above are designed to make the most of who you are at this very moment. So what are you waiting for? Up you get and out you go for that walk. You will feel better, your skin will glow and your body will say a big thank you.

Take stock of your wardrobe and make sure that your clothes are all in good order, brush that hair, make sure your teeth are dazzling and don’t forget to smile.

Seek out your hobby and make an enjoyable interest into something even more amazing by becoming highly accomplished on the subject.

Most of all be kind to yourself and others.

Woman Photo By Patrick Doheny

Finally, have a listen to this song by Diana Ross.

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