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Ann's Story: Chapter Twenty-Two 'The Interview' - Yellow Magpie

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Published on October 22nd, 2011 | by Yellow Magpie


Ann’s Story: Chapter Twenty-Two ‘The Interview’


Yellow Magpie’s Saturday Serial continues with Chapter Twenty-Two. You can read chapter one,  two and three here.

The interview process was gruelling and throughout Ann felt flustered and lacking in experience. She had arrived at Katie Hill’s designer rooms a half hour ahead of time and after giving her name to the receptionist she sat down to wait.

As she nervously perched on the edge of the seat she was able to observe the clientele and what she assumed were models traipsing in and out. Pale and painfully thin, each model looked quite ordinary and almost child-like without the benefit of dramatic make-up and lighting but their height and walk gave them away.

The longer she sat there the more Ann began to regret coming, everyone looked so young. At one point she felt like getting up and running out of the place.

She could hear muffled voices coming from an adjoining room and she assumed there was another candidate inside. Ann heard laughter drawing near before the door opened and out walked a woman in her late twenties looking very trendy and cool. This only added to Ann’s already dwindling confidence.

It was her turn to go in. The room was extremely warm and the atmosphere was heavy with the energy of other candidates who had already come and gone.

There were three people seated at a table. One conservatively dressed man whom Ann guessed was in his 50’s. A woman in her 40’s was also dressed modestly with a plain black dress. Finally, there was Katie Hill looking dramatic with her bright-red hair falling about her face and her signature black polo neck and silver jewellery.

‘She got rid of the short cut,’ noted Ann in one of those sharp, snap-shot thoughts that people often have even when under pressure.

They all stood up and smiled as she walked in holding out their hands to greet her. The man whose name was John introduced himself as Katie Hill’s business manager he then introduced Jane, the administrator of course Katie needed no introduction.

They did their best to make her feel comfortable saying it was an informal interview and to relax.

‘How the hell can I relax with the three of you looking at me,’  thought Ann.

Tell us something about yourself?’  said John.

Ann began to tell them about her work experience and how she had been made redundant. She told them about her duties as a secretary and said she believed that the knowledge she had gained could transfer to being a personal assistant.

She described in detail her day-to-day role as a secretary and about the importance of confidentiality. She was hoping that Katie would be impressed with this.

She thought it would be wise not to inform them of  her brief stint as an escort. Jane asked her what she thought being a personal assistant would entail and what her responsibilities would include.

‘Well looking after Katie’s diary and making appointments’ said Ann.

‘Well you would have seen that in the advertisement for the job. What else do you think you would have to do? You must have thought about it before you came here today,’ Jane interrupted briskly.

‘I imagine it would involve attending functions with Kate informing her in advanced who will be there and perhaps advising her on which events she should avoid’

Ann noticed how Jane and Katie glanced knowingly at one another at this and a brief flicker of a smile passed over Katie Hill’s mouth.

Ann felt ridiculous how could she advise Katie Hill on which events she should go to when she knew nothing about the business?

‘What do you know about the fashion world?’ asked John, as if reading her mind.

I have always had an interest in fashion and have long been an admirer of Katie Hill’s designs as I think it is classy as well as edgy and what I especially like about it is that is it suitable for mature women.

There were more questions about what she could offer to the company and how did she perform as part of a team and would she be prepared to work inflexible hours.

Ann hated inflexible hours she loved being at home at night, she was not a party animal or a great socialiser but she expected that this job would involve both. She also wanted to be able to commute and answered that she had no problem and was very flexible.

Throughout the entire interview Katie Hill said nothing she just listened and observed. An hour passed before they were finally finished and Ann felt so relieved to get outside into the fresh air.

She went to a small restaurant and had lunch feeling totally exhausted with the process and was glad of the large latte when it arrived.

She didn’t feel she did very well and had very little hope of getting the job. Deciding to make the most of the rest of the day she planned to visit some of the shops.

As she was wandering around a large homeware shop she heard a familiar voice behind her.

‘Is that Ann?

Ann swung around to see Joe standing behind her.

‘It is you? What are you doing in Stevensburg?’

Ann explained she was in the city for an interview at Katie Hills’

Joe looked confused

‘The clothes designer,’ Ann said laughing.

She was so delighted to see Joe and immediately felt at home in his company.

Do you fancy going for a coffee?’ asked Joe also smiling broadly.

‘Yes I would love to’, she said even though she was feeling very full after her latte.

‘So what are you doing here yourself,’ she asked as they walked towards the very same restaurant Ann had just left.

‘ I am working here at the moment and will be here for another six months anyway,’ he said.

Ann suddenly wanted that job really badly.

They sat down at a table and just like in Thelma’s house Joe leaned  towards her. ‘So you are going into the fashion business?’

Well  I don’t think I will get the job to be honest, I don’t really know anything about the fashion industry.’

‘Well judging from some of the fashion I see in magazines they don’t either.’ he said teasingly.

‘ I really hope you get it and we can see more of each other.’

Ann blushed and giggled like a schoolgirl.

All too soon it was time for her to catch her train home and Joe volunteered to drive her to the station. Before she got out of the car he once again leaned over and kissed her on the cheek.

Here is my business card, when you get the job and I bet you will, give me a call and we can go for dinner to celebrate.

Ann’s heart was doing somersaults as she boarded the train and she had a grin on her face the whole way back to Crowley.

Oh please god let me get the job,’ she prayed.

You can read chapter one,  two and three here.

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