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Published on April 2nd, 2011 | by Yellow Magpie


Toys Of The 90’s: The Ultimate Selection Of The Best Games


Toys in the 90’s were wonderful things. Some were cutting edge and used the most sophisticated technology possible while others were less refined and inspired children’s imagination by good marketing and old fashioned fun.

Tamagotchi (1996)

Almost immediately upon its release the Tamagotchi became an international bestseller. Perhaps one of the most sophisticated toys ever developed, it involved the player looking after a tamogotchi from egg to old age. If not looked after properly the tamagotchi would either die or become belligerent depending on the type of neglect.

The toy mimiced many aspects of people’s lives, birth, death and mating were all ingeniously included in the rearing of the tamagotchi.

Pogs (1991)

On the lower end of the sophistication scale, pogs were a must-have and populated many primany schools. Nothing more than coloured cardboard circles, their success was down to a competitive game in which the winner took the other person’s pogs.

Their many different designs also added to their appeal. However, pogs were short-lived phenomenon and in truth were little more than a fad

Super Nintendo Entertainment System(1993)

The Super Nintendo started off right where the ultra-successful NES left off. Instantly successful, the SNES, or Super Nintendo Entertainment System to give its full title, introduced gamers to 16-bit hardware.

It quickly became a international best-seller and countless hours were whittled away staring into TV screens.

Super Soaker (1990)

The Super Soaker was the ultimate water pistol for children of the 90’s. Unlike a traditional water pistol the Super Soaker could completely drench you in seconds.

This made it one of the most sought-after toys of the 90’s.

Sega Dreamcast (1998)

Perhaps the greatest console of all time, The Sega Dreamcast was years ahead of the competition. Its 128-bit graphics were twice as powerful as its nearest competitors. It had the first cell-shaded games and Shenmue, one of the greatest games ever made.

It was also the first console to offer online gaming and each unit came complete with its own modem.

However, despite its technological superiority, it failed to make an impact due to marketing issues and the fact that Internet infrastructure was poorly developed in many countries.

But for those lucky few who had the privilege of owning one, it will be forever remembered as one of the best games consoles of their childhood.

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