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Published on April 23rd, 2011 | by Yellow Magpie


The Top Five Cartoons Of The 70’s

The 70’s was a bright vibrant decade and the cartoons during that period were no exception. Imaginative and daring they are still vividly remembered to this day.

Valley Of The Dinosaurs (1974-76)

Valley Of The Dinosaurs was another family-based cartoon series. The Butler’s discovered a land in which dinosaurs still existed as well as earlier humans.

The Valley Of The Dinosaurs covered two things that were important to viewers, family and dinosaurs. Everyone understands the importance of the family unit and nearly everyone is fascinated by dinosaurs especially those of a younger age.

Captain Caveman And The Teen Angels(1977-80)

Captain Caveman And The Teen Angels was centred around a lovable caveman, the first superhero, who was discovered by a group of girls. The group go about solving mysteries and having adventures.

Some have noted that Captain Caveman borrowed heavily from Charlie’s Angels but the true nature of its success was the likeability of its chief protagonist, Captain Caveman.

The Addams Family (1973-74)

The Addams Family featured a highly unusual extended family. Instead of hating things that people loathe such as pain, the Addams family regaled at being tortured.

This is perhaps one of the strangest cartoon series to ever feature on our TV screens but its idiosyncracies gained it a huge following.

Josie And The Pusseycats (1971-72)

Josie And The Pusseycats was based on an all-girl band who gigged across the globe. Encountering mysteries and challenges along the way.

Many chidren dreamed of being famous and this cartoon was the perfect way for them to watch their fantasies.

Devlin (1974)

Devlin tapped into Evel Knievel hysteria. Ernie Devlin was a stunt motorcyclist who performed as part of a travelling circus troupe.

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