Entertainment Greatest Jugglers Two People Juggling Photo By Villwock

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The Greatest Jugglers: The Art Of Making The Difficult Seem Seductively Simple

Greatest Jugglers Two People Juggling Photo By Villwock

Juggling is one of the most difficult of activities. It requires quick hands, great hand-to-eye co-ordination and above all, immense patience. One of the simple joys of life is witnessing highly skilled people doing what they are good at. Often those observing may have little insight into the difficulty of the seemingly simplistic tasks being performed before them. All great performers make their chosen field look deceptively simple.

Greatest Jugglers Man Juggling Five Balls Photo By James Heilman Creative Commons ShareAlike Licence

Greatest Jugglers Man Juggling Five Balls Photo By James Heilman Creative Commons ShareAlike Licence

Beneath the apparently casual attitude of the good juggler lies an extremely dedicated and driven individual, someone who is willing to put in hours upon hours of practice. For it is this type of commitment that is required to achieve mastery.

Greatest Jugglers: Michael Moschen

Perhaps one of the most famous jugglers is Penn Jillette of Penn and Teller fame. However, lesser known is his former training partner and close friend, Michael Moschen, who has become a world renowned juggler. Here he is performing his great Triangle routine.

Greatest Jugglers: Falco Scheffler

Truly great jugglers have an inherent ability to mesmerise their audience. So relaxed and comfortable is the performer with his abilities that those watching can become transfixed by the juggler’s gracious and artful movements. One such example is Falco Scheffler who approaches the physical limitations of juggling.

Greatest Jugglers: Marek Born

However, juggling is not just confined to using the traditional objects such as balls, rings and clubs. In fact one of the most watched videos on Youtube is of Polish juggler, Marek Born.

Greatest Jugglers: Kris Krimo And The Gentleman Style

Here is the great Kris Krimo, a french juggler of ‘the gentleman style’ doing what he does best.

One of the great sports figure, Ice-Hockey player Wayne Gretzky, was asked to explain why he was so good. He replied, ‘I skate to where the puck is going to be not where it has been.’ Juggling applies the exact same principle only on a much  more complicated basis as the juggler has to keep track of several balls.

Greatest Jugglers Anthony Gatto

Anthony Gatto is reckoned by some to be the greatest living juggler. He holds numerous records in the ten, eleven and twelve ring juggling discipling. Gatto has also performed with the renowned circus act, Cirque du Soleil. The highly accomplished juggler is also the current holder of 12 juggling world records.

Greatest Jugglers: Francis Brunn

Francis Brunn is widely regarded as one of juggling’s greats. The German is credited with being the first person to successful juggle ten rings. Nevertheless, it was his ball tricks and his unique performance style that set him apart from virtually every other performer.

Above all a keen showman, Brunn had cat-like reflexes and moved with perfectly controlled timing.

Greatest Jugglers: Enrico Rastelli

Enrico Rastelli is considered by many to be the greatest juggler of all time. The wily Russian-born Italian dazzled audiences with his amazing feats.

Greatest Jugglers Enrico Rastelli Bust Photo By Immanuel Giel

Greatest Jugglers Enrico Rastelli Bust Photo By Immanuel Giel

As impressive as his juggling abilities were, and there were considerable, Rastelli’s lasting legacy is the fact that he invented and popularised modern juggling.

Unfortunately, the great juggler died prematurely in 1931 and the only footage we have of his acts comes in the form of silent, grainy black and white film.

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