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The Funniest TV Commercials: Ads That Will Definitely Make You Laugh

The Funniest TV Commercials Photo By Emanuele Spies

Commercials are sometimes despised. Not many people like to be interrupted from what they are enjoying and forced to watch a commercial. However, brilliant commercials capture your attention and are entertaining. Sometimes, on occasion, an ad can be even better than the programme that you are watching. Here is a selection of the funniest tv commercials to air on the small screen:

Old Spice

Old Spice have three entries in our list of the funniest TV commercials. The actor who starred in this ad has since become famous thanks his to his performance and the funny exploits of the team behind this Old Spice promotion.

Funniest TV Commercials Old Spice

Funniest TV Commercials Old Spice Photo By Covânt Creative Commons ShareAlike Licence

Funniest TV Commercials Old Spice Photo By Covânt Creative Commons ShareAlike Licence

Though not in the same league as the one above this Old Spice commercial still captures your attention. Its over-the-top style of attention-grabbing visuals works as you never know what is going to happen next. If you aren’t smiling through it you certainly will by the time you reach the final twist.


Funniest TV Commercials Berlitz

Funniest TV Commercials Berlitz

Belitz’s effort, though far from original, still works because of its execution. Proving once again its not what you say but how you say it that matters.

Funniest TV Commercials Bud Light

This ad from Bud light is very funny. A slightly obnoxious revolving fridge owner and unusual consequences make this commercial work. Though best not to think too hard about the reasons why one would construct such an oddly-positioned apparatus.

SFR With French Actress Emmanuelle Beart

Funniest TV Commercials SFR

Funniest TV Commercials SFR

SFR’s ad with actress, Emmanuelle Beart, is both funny and unnerving.

Old Spice

A slightly different take by Old Spice using the same comedy components as their original commercial.

Hahn Beer

Hahn Beer’s ad is funny because its ending completely subverts what has preceded the beginning. It is definitely a commercial that will raise a chuckle or two.


Silva sets up the well-worn trope of military might and couples it with an arrogant commander and a confrontation. Its ending offers a great unforeseen about-turn.

Delta Lloyd – Really Good Insurance

Delta Llooyd’s unique take on adventurous youths with odd music tastes in a dangerous area is a hoot. Much of the comedy lies with the abilities of the commercial’s two main actors.


Heineken is the second multi-entry participant in our list of the funniest TV commercials. This ad uses the difference between the sexes to great effect. Though one thing it cannot be accused of is subtlety.

Funniest TV Commericals Heineken

Heineken Beer Made In China Photo By Hawyih

Heineken Beer Made In China Photo By Hawyih

Heinken’s second fridge-based ad is even more impressive than the one above. Using the viewers knowledge of the first ad its builds upon its earlier work and produces this fine effort. One of the funniest ads on our list.


Canal+ places us right in the middle of action with some great scenes. Only towards the end does the commercial betray its comic nature with a great turn of events.

Nolan’s Cheddar

Perhaps one of best ads in our entire list, Nolan’s Cheddar is original, inventive and hilariously funny. Inverting your preconceptions of what is about to expire it becomes a herculean task not to smile.

Bangkok Insurance

Bangkok Insurance’s ad is a very different take on the unusual. A remarkable simple idea – the whole idea revolves around an errant wheel proving once again that complexity is often unnecessary.

Bud Light

Budweiser have become masters of funny commercials. Experts at capturing your attention this is a clever reworking of the message in the bottle by the marketing team.

Danier Leather

Danier Leather’s ad, while not the most original, is still highly amusing. An unexpected, funny twist on the attractive woman is enough for the ad to make cut for the funniest TV commercials.

Instant Kiwi

Instant Kiwi’s ad makes the list of the funniest TV commercials by virtue of its intelligent take on a situation that virtually every person has been through. The dreaded examination and the smart student make a good combination.

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