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Published on May 12th, 2013 | by Yellow Magpie


Susan Sarandon Quotes: The Actress’s Thoughts On Acting And Social Politics

Susan Sarandon Quotes Photo By David Shankbone Creative Commons ShareAlike Licence

Here is Yellow Magpie’s pick of the very best Susan Sarandon quotes.

‘I think I’m an actor because I have very strong imagination and empathy. I never studied acting, but those two qualities are exactly the qualities that make for an activist.’

‘Do you really have to be the ice-queen intellectual or the slut whore? Isn’t there some way to be both?’

‘When you start to develop your powers of empathy and imagination, the whole world opens up to you.’

‘I’m tired of being labelled anti-American because I ask questions.’

‘I think sometimes what happens is that all of this feeling out of control manifests itself in trying to control your body; whether it’s an eating disorder or talking about getting your nose fixed, as if that’s going to be the solution to all the pressure.’

Susan Sarandon Quotes 2007 Photo By David Shankbone Creative Commons ShareAlike Licence

‘So I would hope they would develop some kind of habit that involves understanding that their life is so full they can afford to give in all kinds of ways to other people. I consider that to be baseline spirituality.’

‘We stand a chance of getting a president who has probably killed more people before he gets into office than any president in the history of the United States.’

‘Just because I haven’t yet had any project surgery, I’m not going to knock it, because I think women have the right to do whatever they want to their bodies that make them feel good about themselves.’

‘In the U.S. they just want to know who you’re sleeping with.’

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