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Published on November 12th, 2011 | by Yellow Magpie


Odd News Stories: Undelivered Post, Bee-hives And Good Samaritans


The Postman Who Never Delivers

A postman in England was caught with 30,000 items of post that he had stored in his house.

Paul Willicott, was caught by a member of the public putting the post into his garage and was subsequently reported.

Mr. Wililcott claimed that he was completely overwhelmed by the number of post and was waiting for a time when his workload would ease.

He was given 280 hours of community service.

City Bee-Hives

You don’t necessarily associate bees and city-scapes with one another. The company Philips is about to change all that with its new Urban bee-hive which is says is designed for apartments and flats.

With the falling number of bees, and their importance for life on Earth, this may be just the ticket for urban enviroments.

Urban Beehive By Philips

The bee-hive is fully enclosed and the bees can only enter the hive from outside the window.

Brave people can pull on a cord to smoke the hive before removing the cover to get at the honey.

One Good Turn Deserves Another

After just helping a driver to change a flat car tyre, a man’s good dead was returned as his life was saved by those he had just helped minutes before.

After having helped change the stricken motorists’ tyre, the Good Samaritan suffered a heart attack a few miles up the road. Those that he aided in turn came to his rescue calling the emergency services.

It is likely that without the intervention of the motorists, the man would have died.

Speaking to the Star Tribune, Patrol Sergeant Michael Newton noted ‘It’s an interesting turn of fate.

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