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Published on November 5th, 2011 | by Yellow Magpie


Odd News Stories: Swings, Teeth And Bikes


Left Hanging On A Swing

A man had to be rescued by the fire brigade after spending an entire night stuck in a child’s swing after a bet went wrong.
He had made a $100 bet that he could squeeze into a child’s swing.

The 21-year-old was abandoned by his ‘friends’ after he couldn’t get out despite using washing machine liquid to lubricate his legs to get into the swing. Unfortunately, this was a one-way deal and he was unable to extract himself afterwards. The fire service came to his aid the following morning.

Trick Or Teeth

Children were getting paid for handing over sweets in Mansfield, Ohio, United States.

One dentists novel solution to prevent tooth decay was to pay children money for handing over their Halloween treats. Craig Callen offered to pay children one dollar for every pound of sweets up to a maximum of $5.

Teeth Photo By David Shankbone

‘Kids can have the fun of trick-or-treating, and now their piggy banks will benefit as well.’ Callen told the Mansfield News Journal.

Selling Your Customer’s Bike

One customer came out of a shop in Sweden only to find that they had sold her bike. Ulla Oderyd accidentally parked her bike in the second-hand bikes for sale rack. When she came out after browsing the charity shop her bike had already been sold. Oderyd had to walk home.

Luckily the person that bought the bike returned it to the shop after hearing about Oderyd’s plight in the local paper. And this story was given a happy ending.

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