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Published on October 15th, 2011 | by Yellow Magpie


Odd News Stories: The Pub Bull, Stolen Bridge And Pee Bag


The Bull-dozed Pub

Locals in a pub in Ireland were rudely interrupted by a rampaging bull. The bull put holes in the walls, destroyed a pool table and scattered bar stools in Porter House Tavern, Kingscourt, County Cavan. Despite the bull charging several of the patrons no one was hurt.

Landlord Cyril Rafferty, speaking to the Irish Daily Mirror told the reporter ‘Everyone is laughing about it now – but it wasn’t funny at the time…It’ll take a while before we live this one down and we’ve been getting all the bull-in-the-china shop and Red Bull jokes.’


In Amsterdam the Dutch National Railway has come up with a novel but uretic solution to the problem of having no toilets aboard.

What may read like a bad joke is actually true. Emergencies bags will be provided to passengers to perform their bodily function.

The bags contain a material that instantly turns urine into a gel. The controversial devices have already been put in use by the train company.

The Case Of The Stolen Bridge

In one of the most unusual crimes, owners awoke one summer morning only to find that their 45 metre (150 feet), six-metre (20 feet) span bridge was gone. The bridge, estimated to be worth $100,000 was made of corrugated steel and taken from New Castle, Pennsylvania, United States.

Thieves used blowtorches to remove it over a lengthy period of time. It is thought selling it for scrap metal was the reason for stealing the old bridge.

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