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Published on October 29th, 2011 | by Yellow Magpie


Odd News Stories: Moons, UFOs, Expensive Parking Tickets And The Transforming Donkey


The Man Who Thought The Moon Was A UFO

In one of the most bizarre emergency 999 phone calls to the Hertfordshire police station in England a man reported mistakenly seeing a UFO when he was in fact looking at the Moon.

He rang the emergency operator claiming that there was a ‘light blazing’. A second apologetic phone call ensued with the caller realising his lunar error.

The €32,000 Parking Ticket

One woman received the fright of her life when she illegally parked her car only to discover a colossal fine of €32,000 had been issued by Sicilian Police in Italy.

The fine arose because the policeman had backdated the punitive interest on the penalty to the year 208 rather than 2008.

The error was corrected and a more reasonable fine of €102 was imposed instead. You would have to wonder though how the policeman in question didn’t realise his error.

Man Claims A Woman Turned Into Donkey

Sunday Moyo, a 28-year-old Zimbabwean was arrested for allegedly having sex with a donkey.

Donkey Photo By Patricio Mena Vasconez

In a very novel story, Moyo claimed that instead of committing bestiality the donkey was in fact a female prostitute that he paid to have sex with it. He protested that the woman transformed into a donkey at the point when he was being arrested. Moyo’s account failed to convince his arrestors though.

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