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Published on June 30th, 2012 | by Yellow Magpie


Odd News Stories: The ‘Holy’ Stone, Nine Year-Old Carjacker And Shop Thief Foiled By Taxi

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Here is Yellow Magpie’s selection of this week’s Odd News Stories.

Tribe Want Germany To Hand Over ‘Holy’ Stone

A Venezuelan tribe want to reclaim an allegedly ‘holy’ or sacred stone from a Berlin scuplture dedicated to peace.

Demonstrating outside the Venezuelan Embassy in Germany, the tribe have made it clear that they want their stone back.

However, the Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez is thought to be behind this creating an artificial conflict. Speaking to Reuters, Venezualan citizen Grecia Melendez maintains that ‘Chavez always wants a conflict with someone.’

Professor Bruno Illius a man who had dedicated two decades of his life to studying the Pemon tribe has poured scorn on the affair. Speaking to Reuter’s Stephen Brown he stated ‘This is all a fraud, a deception’ noting that there is no such thing as a ‘holy’ stone for the Pemones.

Nine Year-Old Steals Car With Toy Gun

A nine year-old boy used a fake gun to attempt to break into a car in Gothenburg, Sweden. After failing in his attempt, the boy fled the scene in a stolen low-speed electric car.

Ten minutes later the child crashed the car into a roundabout and was apprehended by an onlooker who held him down until police arrived to take him away.

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Website thelocal.se notes that as the boy is too young no criminal charges will be brought. Instead social services are handling the affair and will decide what happens.

Woman Arrested After Making Taxi Driver Wait During Robbery

Cynthia Skeik robbed a Race Track shop in Port Charlotte Florida but was foiled by the taxi driver she had asked to wait for her.

Thinking Skeik was not going to pay the fare the driver phoned the police. When Sheik walked out of the shop with illegally obtained money she was greeted by a police officer who subsequently arrested her.

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