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Published on March 3rd, 2012 | by Yellow Magpie


Odd News Stories: The Hidden Pig, The Lost Thermometer And The Man With The Bullet


Police Tricked By Prisoner’s Pig Logo

Vermont State Police found out that they were hoodwinked by inmates from Vermont State Prison in the United States.

30 patrol cars ended up with modified State Police car logos with a hidden pig contained in a patch on a cow.

Considering that the 60 Vermont State Police logos were ordered in 2008, it took over three years for someone to work out that they were the butt of a prison joke.

Thermometer Stuck In Woman’s Lung For 44 Years

A woman in China was found to have had a thermometer inside her lung for the past four decades.

Mercury Thermometre Photo by Alex Khimich

Doctor’s found in Hunan province discovered a mercury-filled thermometer inside the woman’s lung. Apparently, the woman accidentally swallowed the device when she was only 12 years old.

The mercury could cause serious problems if it leaks. It is unclear how doctors will remove the device.

Man Has Bullet Lodged In His Head For Eight Decades

A Russian man was discovered to have had a bullet lodged in his head for over eight years. At three years of age, the man was accidentally shot by his elder brother. With the result that the bullet was lodged in the bottom of the skull after entering just below the boy’s nose.

What is most amazing is the man after recovering has displayed no ill-effects whatsoever. The man has also shown no neurological damage and even managed to win the Soviet State Prize for his engineering prowess.

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