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Published on November 26th, 2011 | by Yellow Magpie


Odd News Stories: The Fertile Virgin, The Clothes Horse And Minster Gets Slapped


The Fertile Virgin Mary

Half a million people have visited what is supposedly the belt of Mary in Moscow’s Cathedral of Christ The Saviour. One day alone saw a crowd of over 82,000 people queuing to visit the relic which they believe helps women’s fertility.

The relic has been loaned from Greece. One would have to wonder though what someone noted for their supposed virginity has to do with fertility.

Stuck In A Clothes Horse

An 18-year-old student had to be rescued from an embarrassing situation. Danielle Morgan, a University of Derby student, got stuck in a clothes horse after it fell on top of her. When staff at the university campus failed to release her from her unorthodox shackles, the fire service had to be called to the scene.

Ms. Morgan was finally cut free but not before a video was posted on Youtube.

Minister Gets Slapped

An irate member of the public slapped the Indian Minister of Agriculture highlighting an increasing frustration with politics. Minister Sharad Pawar was speaking to members of the press during a political event when he was attacked by a man complaining about inflated food prices.

CNN IBN TV noted that the man, Harvinder Singh shouted ‘Don’t you know why I hit him? The common man is distressed. Am I wrong?’ as he was dragged away.

Attacks on Indian ministers and government officials has become far from a rare occurrence as members of the public are becoming increasing annoyed about perceived government injustices and corruption.

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