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Published on October 22nd, 2011 | by Yellow Magpie


Odd News Stories: Cranes, Losers and Lego


The Case Of The Craned-off Car

In a bizarre incident, a four-wheel drive Jeep Wrangler was stolen using a crane. Northern Indiana, United States, was the scene of an usual crime as a 4×4 was stolen from the car park of a garage dealership using a mobile crane.

CCTV footage showed the vehicle, which had just been sold, being carried off by the crane. The entire operation took a mere six minutes.

Speaking to the Chicago Tribune, the dealership manager, Matt Magnuson stated ‘The owner thought we were joking with him when we told him it had been lifted out of the lot.’ It didn’t take too long though to convince him otherwise when the garage staff showed him the camera footage.

Police have arrested a suspect and recovered what they believe is the crane in question but the stolen vehicle remains missing.

Winners And Losers

The unfortunate reality of life is that for every winner there has to be a loser. Although sometimes life can be very unfair.

Normally a small, under-14 soccer team drawing a match would get very little news press. However, when the draw is the first point the team has achieved in over four years of playing football – people tend to take note.

Huncoat United who play in the Accrington and District Junior Boys league in England set new records. Unluckily from their perspective, these are the type of records no team would like to make. It takes a lot of courage to keeping playing when your side has lost 70 games in-a-row.

Not one to pass up on their good fortune the team have taken to celebrations. Speaking to The Telegraph manager, Paul Chadwick commented ‘It feels like we have won the World Cup…Even if we don’t pick up another point all season, we have achieved more than we have ever done.’

Before their historic 3-3 draw their best result in four years of competition had been a two-nil loss. Onwards and upwards.

The Artist Who Plays With Lego

Nathan Sawaya has an unusual career. He manages to make a living out of an activity that many children spend countless hours on, Lego. A former corporate lawyer, Sawaya left a comfortable career to work on creating art from pieces of Lego.

A talented artist, Sawaya has exhibited his works in many museums in the United States.

You can visit his website here: http://www.brickartist.com/

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