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Published on July 30th, 2012 | by Yellow Magpie


Odd News Stories: The ‘Brooklyn ‘Monster, Mother Changes Children’s Grades And Car Falls Down Missing Lift

Odd News Stories ‘Montauk Monster’

Here is Yellow Magpie’s selection of this week’s Odd News Stories.

Odd News Stories: Brooklyn ‘Monster’

An animal in a heavy state of decomposition was found washed-up on a beach at Brooklyn Bridge in Manhattan, New York. The dead animal caused an online surge of interest as some people proclaimed it to be a bloated pig while others declared it a new undiscovered creature.

Rumours began to circulate as various people offered suggestons as to what sort of animal it was. There were also plenty of crackpot theories no doubt not helped by the New York Parks Department declaring it a pig dispite the fact that its feet were clearly not pig’s trotters.

The most likely explanation is that the animal is either a bloated dog or raccoon with its fur striped off through a combination of decomposition and water action.

The animal found in Brooklyn appears very similar to the so-called ‘Mantauk Monster’ found in Rhode Island, United States, in 2008.

Mother Changes Grades After Infiltrating School Network

A mother from Pennsylvania, United States, apparently increased her children’s grades after illicitly using the local district superintendent’s username and password.

Catherine Venusto is alleged to have accessed the local school district grade system 110 times from the 16th June, 2010, to the 17th of February, 2012.

Venusto came under suspicioun when school authorities started to question why the district superintendent was accessing the grade system so frequently. After realising that something was amiss, district superintendent Wright immediately suspended the gradebook system.

The accused mother is thought to have changed her daughter’s grade from an ‘F’ to an ‘M’ (medical exception) and increased her son’s grade from a 98 to 99.

During the one-and-a-half-year period Venusto is believed to have accessed thousands of district files detailing employee reports, personnel problems and contract documents.

Venusto while working for the school district was responsible for setting up Wright’s user access to the school system.

Car Plunges Down Missing Lift

A car fell down a car lift shaft in a New York City garage injuring another co-worker.

The garage’s parking attendant found the elevator platform was missing after he attempted to drive the car into the lift which resulted in the car plunging down the shaft.

The driver had to be extracted from the vehicle by firefighters. Both the driver and another man were brought to hospital and are believed to be in a stable condition.

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