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Published on December 15th, 2012 | by Yellow Magpie


Musical Songs: Top Tunes That Re-Ignited Our Interest In Musicals

Musical Songs: ‘Black Crook’ Thought To Be The First Musical 

At the heart of successful top productions are hit musical songs. Yes, the cast must be able to act and dance in the appropriate places with the necessary dexterity and rhythm but the majority of those in attendance will be lying in wait for the hit musical number, anticipating a great rendition.

Musical Songs: Rise Above From Spider-Man Turn Off The Dark

Musical Songs: Spider-Man Turn Off The Dark

Spider-Man Turn Off The Dark completely switched musical-theatre conventions around. Gone were the characteristically thin voices that were part of the fabric of many musicals and in their place were singers with well-modulated, rich timbres.

Critics hated it justifiably fearing it a threat to long-standing musical traditions. The audience though knew better and have consistently turned out in droves to watch one of the most spectacular and technically accomplished musicals of its generation.

Here Reeve Carney performs the hit song Rise Above with Bono and The Edge providing support.

Musical Songs: Bring Him Home From Les Miserables

Musical Songs: Les Miserables

Les Miserables is a dramatic and emotional retelling of the historic social unrest and deprivation that would eventually lead to the French Revolution.

Colm Wilkinson’s marvellous performance of Bring Him Home evokes passion and love as Jean Valjean, fearing the worst, yearns for the safe return of his young friend.

Musical Songs: Music Of The Night From Phantom Of The Opera

Musical Songs: The Phantom Of The Opera

Phantom Of The Opera was a riveting musical with sophisticated technical components and a startling chandelier scene that both scared and delighted its audience simultaneously.

Ramin Karimloom, performing Music Of The Night, gives stunning precision and emotional heft to the character of the Phantom of the Opera as he woos Christine with his delightful music.

Musical Songs: This Is The Moment From Jekyll And Hyde

Musical Songs: Jekyll And Hyde

The musical adaptation of Jekyll And Hyde was a triumph and featured many wonderful songs. Chef amongst these was a song that would become instantly recogniseable. 

David Hasselhoff gives his rendition of This Is The Moment in the backdrop of a marvellous set production.

Musical Songs: Phantom Of The Opera From Phantom Of The Opera

Finally, we have Sarah Brightman singing Phantom Of The Opera in the role that made her name, Christine. The video highlights the wonderful set design and special effects that characterised the spectacular production.

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