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Published on April 28th, 2013 | by Yellow Magpie


Mikhail Gorbachev Quotes: The Man Who Brought The World Glasnost

Mikhail Gorbachev Quotes

Here is Yellow Magpie’s pick of the very best Mikhail Gorbachev quotes.

‘If what you have done yesterday still looks big to you, you haven’t done much today.’

‘The most puzzling development in politics during the last decade is the apparent determination of Western European leaders to re-create the Soviet Union in Western Europe.’

‘Life is much richer and more complex than even the most perfect plans to make it better. It ultimately takes vengeance for attempts to impose abstract schemes, even with the best of intentions. Perestroika has made us understand this about our past, and the actual experience of recent years has taught us to reckon with the most general laws of civilisation.’

‘The market is not an invention of capitalism. It has existed for centuries. It is an invention of civilisation.’

‘With Yeltsin, the Soviet Union broke apart, the country was totally mismanaged, the constitution was not respected by the regions of Russia. The army, education and health systems collapsed. People in the West quietly applauded, dancing with and around Yeltsin. I conclude therefore that we should not pay too much attention to what the West is saying.’

Mikhail Gorbachev Quotes With Erich Honecker Photo By Rainer Mittelstadt

‘We had 10 years after the Cold War to build a new world order and yet we squandered them. The United States cannot tolerate anyone acting independently. Every US president has to have a war.’

‘Being resolute today means to act within the framework of political and social pluralism and the rule of law to provide conditions for continued reform and prevent a breakdown of the state and economic collapse, prevent the elements of chaos from becoming catastrophic.

All this requires taking certain tactical steps, to search for various ways of addressing both short- and long-term tasks. Such efforts and political and economic steps, agreements based on reasonable compromise, are there for everyone to see.’

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