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Published on January 15th, 2012 | by Yellow Magpie


Michael Keaton Quotes: The First Batman


Michael Keaton Quotes

Here are some of the best Michael Keaton quotes:

‘At some point, you’ve got to win.’

‘There comes a point in your life when you realise how quickly time goes by, and how quickly it has gone. Then it really speeds up exponentially. With that, I think you start to put a lot of things into context; you start to see how huge the world is, and really, the Universe.’

‘I’m going to do four or five of these movies, and it’s going to become my career. I’ll have to keep expanding the bat suit, because I get fatter every year. I’ll be bankrupt. I’ll be out opening shopping malls, going from appearance to appearance in a cheesy van.’ On making the Batman films.

‘Well, I think I’m not a non-believer, and I’m not a believer. But, on the other hand, I couldn’t give you a good enough reason why EVP doesn’t exist. I don’t know enough about it, so how could I say it’s not true. Plus, a person’s reality is a person’s reality; so that’s your belief system. It’s all perception anyway, isn’t it?’

‘Unless you’re flat out dead, you have to think of some other questions like: what’s on the other side? It brings up issues of God, or no God. How does he play into this? Or he, or she, or it? How does it all play into this?’

Michael Keaton Quotes As Batman

‘It was a lonely time for me, which was great for the character, I suppose. I would run at night in London just trying to get tired enough so I could sleep. I didn’t talk to people much. My little boy was a toddler, and the woman I was married to at the time, we were not together but we were trying to figure it out and get back together. It was me in London, alone, and my sleep during that whole movie was never right. As often as I could, I was getting on the Concorde and trying to get back to spend some time with my kid…It was an extremely difficult undertaking and Tim [Burton] is a shy guy, especially back then, and there was so much pressure. We were in England for a long time shooting at Pinewood and it was long, difficult nights in that dank, dark, cold place, and we never knew if it was really working. There was no guarantee that any of this was going to play correctly when it was all said and done. There had never been a movie like it before. There was a lot of risk, too, with Jack [Nicholson] looking the way he did and me stepping out in this new way. The pressure was on everybody. You could feel it.’

I played a lot of sports when I was a kid so I get in that ballgame mindset of being really, really respectful, but at the same time saying to yourself, ‘Don’t back down a single inch, hang with these guys if you can.’ If they throw it high and tight you have to stand in there, you can’t take yourself out of that moment.’

‘My prediction, I don’t know anything about it, but I feel this way about it. It’s going to be good, because he’s a really good actor, and that’s a really good director. And they’ve had years and years and years, and hundreds of millions of dollars, or at least tens of millions of dollars to figure it out. I say it’s going to be good. I picture it’s going to be good. And also, I swear to God it’s not an “I told you so”, it’s maybe an interesting thing, that when I didn’t like the third script… I just said “I really don’t like this, and I don’t want to do it” cause what I wanted to do, is what I’m told and I don’t know if this is true yet so don’t hold me to this until I see it, but I’m told it’s more a prequel. And that was what I thought would’ve been a hip way to go the third time. This guy is so endlessly fascinating potentially, why not go and see how he got there.’ His thoughts on the release of Batman Begins.

‘From an art perspective, I don’t know how you get better than Beetlejuice. In terms of originality and a look, it’s 100% unique. If you consider the process of taking something from someone’s mind – meaning Tim [Burton] – and putting it on the screen, I think that movie is incomparable.’

‘I never saw what I did for a living as who I am. But if there’s a job in the world where that can get blurry, this is the one. The line gets really blurry for a lot of people, and for understandable reasons just as you go through life and this business. You don’t have to be especially weak to become extremely self-involved in this business, and I just never wanted to go down that road…. Alan Arkin said to me once that he wanted to have a really big life and a really good career. And I think that’s really sane.’

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