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Published on October 3rd, 2011 | by Yellow Magpie


Marc Martel: A Pavarotti Of Contemporary Music?


Every once in a while a rare occurrence happens. A talent emerges with the potential to redefine standards and elevate their chosen field to dizzying heights. In the classical music world the most obvious example of this was Luciano Pavarotti. Pavarotti appeared to be able to produce the most glorious of sounds without any effort whatsoever on his behalf.

Even as part of a lineup of Internationally renowned tenors, his voice soared above those of Placido Domingo and Jose Carreras in The Three Tenors. It was Pavarotti’s ability to sing with such clarity and the unique manner in which produced crystal clear high notes with no distortion that set him apart from other singers.

A Unique Talent

Pavarotti was a once in a generation performer and was rightly recognised as such. Even though he was a unique talent it is still only a question of time before someone else comes along to take up the mantel. And as luck may have it, one may have just arrived.

Marc Martel has become a Youtube sensation. His cover of Queen’s Somebody To Love provokes immediate comparisons to Freddy Mercury. In fact, Martel is vocally stronger than the late singer. Here is the performance that has captured everyone’s attention.

Amazing Vocal Agility

What’s surprising about Martel is his vocal dexterity. He has an extraordinary ability to sing various styles of songs, from pop to rock, to even the physically demanding opera. Not only does Martel pull off these styles with aplomb, he excels at each of them. While the crown of operatic tenor is still being worn by Pavoritti, Martel has the potential to do something similar in the world of pop and rock music.

While it is possible for pop and rock singers to successful sing pop songs rarely does the inverse happen. Not too many opera singers can sing contemporary songs. There are two obvious exceptions to this, Russell Watson, and the most successful exponent, Sarah Brightman. However, many others fail to have any impact when they are deprived of the use of their big voice.

Where To From Here?

Currently, a member of the Canadian Christian rockband, Downhere, Martel could soon be forced to make a choice. On the one hand he can continue to be part of a relatively small band with limited appeal. On the other, he can choose to perform on the world’s stage with a global audience. No matter what choice  he makes a lot of people will take an interest in his career from now on.

Although it is unlikely that Martel will reach Pavarotti’s level in the classical operatic world he has a great chance to do something similar with contemporary music. Despite not being the finished product, his work ethic and his willingness to learn new things, typified by his interests in other musical genres, are all good, encouraging signs. Perhaps in ten years we will all know the answer.

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