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Published on May 20th, 2010 | by Yellow Magpie


Make-Up: A Billion Dollar Industry

Make-Up is a billion dollar industry that has been around for millions of years.

Most women love make-up and know if they apply it correctly it can have a dramatic impact on their face. These days make -up is available to suit every face and complexion type. It is just a matter of finding out what suits you and maybe a lesson or two wouldn’t go astray.

Make Up

Make-Up History

The first people to use makeup were the Egyptians who in the 4th century BC used oils and unguent, a form of cream, to keep their skin smooth and hydrated. The Egyptian women also blackened their eyes using kohl.

Egyptian make-up is still popular today for those who want a dramatic and sexy look,  but it is not for the faint hearted.

Here is a lesson in how to apply for an Egyptian Beauty Queen look.

Make-Up And The Orient

Hundreds of years later the women of Japan and China, who valued pale skin, painted their faces with a powder which they made from rice milk.

In some cultures the women put their lives at risk by using lead and arsenic in an effort to have white skin. While the Greek women stained their lips with red iron.

Japanese Make-Up

The Beginning Of Modern Make-Up

In London the women applied egg whites to their visage.

However, it was the French and Italians who brought make -up to a different level. Their potions and lotions were made using fruits and flowers with hours of blending going into the production of a very small quantity of make-up.

In the 1800’s beauty salons began to pop up and by the end of the second world war the cosmetic industry had begun to boom.

The Arrival Of Modern Make-Up

Helena Rubinstein and bitter rival Elizabeth Arden advanced the cause of makeup ensuring that it was freely available to all.

These days the global make-up industry is worth an estimated nine billion dollars. There are thousands of cosmetic products to choose from with new lotions and potions being launched on the market every other week.

Make-Up Case

Make-Up: The Secret Is In The Application!

Knowing how to apply make-up can take away years from the face but applying it incorrectly can add years to an older face. The secret is knowing that as we get older less is more and even when we are younger a fresh face can be destroyed by too much foundation, lipstick and eye-shadow.

The best make-up artists in the world know how to literally revamp a face and use various colours and shading to define the contours of the face.

For a Daytime Holiday Look check out this video.

It is believed that the largest producers of cosmetics in the world is  L’Oreal Paris,  with its famous ‘Because You’re Worth It‘ tagline.

Yes, you are worth it, so go ahead and have fun with cosmetics but remember don’t overdo it and end up looking like this.

.Make-Up Trouble

When you really want to look like this.

Good Make-Up

So How Do They Make Cosmetics?

Have a look at this video for an insight into how cosmetics are made.

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