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Published on October 2nd, 2011 | by Yellow Magpie


Macarons: The Chic French Confection


Macarons are very ‘on trend‘ in France and have a cult following who adore the delicate flavour of these sweet pastel-coloured treats.

People are often seen queuing outside Ladurée on the Avenue des Champs-Elysees to purchase Macarons which sell at around thirteen euro for six.

So what makes macarons so yummy and popular? Well for a start, it is the different flavours, colours and of course the way they are presented, making them appear very special.

In Paris, where everything is chic, they are handled as if they were precious jewels which means purchasing macrons is an experience in itself.

Delightful Fillings

However, they are indeed delicious and very attractive, coming as they do in the tempting colours of pink, green, chocolate brown, lilac and coffee colour.

The filling in a macaron is very important and gives each one a distinctive flavour. They can range from a chocolate ganache, which is a mixture of butter, chocolate and cream, to caramel and from butter cream with added fruit flavours, to even savoury tastes such as foie gras. French macarons are made from egg white, icing sugar and ground almonds.

Macarons Photo By Keven Law

History And Exclusivity

The most expensive boxes of macarons are produced by chef ,Pierre Herme, who owns restaurants in Paris. A box of his famous macarons is reported to have cost a whopping $7,414.

There is quite a lot of snobbery surrounding these dainty treats. Recently McDonalds in Paris introduced their version of the macaron to the disapproval of the traditionalists. Experts in macarons describe them as heavy and sugary compared to the delicate and flavoursome macroons of other, more specialised, establishments.

Macarons first came to France in 1533 when two nuns came to the town of Nancy during the French revolution. In return for a place to stay, the two sisters baked macarons and sold them.

To Be Enjoyed

Macarons should be eaten slowly with each mouthful savoured. They should be eaten somewhere pretty and refined.

Of course the best place is Paris where they pride themselves on their sense of style in both fashion and food. If you go to Paris then you should try them. Save up before you go so you won’t be dipping into your spending money. Be prepared to pay between nine and thirteen euro for a box of six.

Bring enough money for two boxes because eating one box will never be enough!

Recommended Reading And Eating

Pierre Herme has the de facto guide for creating macarons with comprehensive step-by-step instructions for the technically complicated delicacy.

You can obtain here Pierre Herme Macarons and French Macarons Assortment – Classic Selection – 6 Flavors – 35 Pieces for that special treat from Amazon.
For people living in Ireland or the United Kingdom, you can access: Pierre Herme Macarons from here.
For Canada: Pierre Herme Macarons.
For Germany: Pierre Herme Macarons and to eat Macarons.
For France: Pierre Herme Macarons.

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2 Responses to Macarons: The Chic French Confection

  1. Savorique says:

    The first macarons ever created were in chocolate. This may be why chocolate macarons are my favorite of all.
    People are also seen queuing outside Ladurée on Madison Avenue’s newly open shop in NYC.

  2. Yellow Magpie says:

    Thanks for your comment, Fred. Chocolate macarons are indeed delicious!

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