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Published on May 26th, 2010 | by Yellow Magpie


Life Saver: The Perfect Pen Lid

Have you ever wondered why the lids of pens have holes on the top? Perhaps it is just an aesthetic choice that has become the de facto design? Or the idle fancy of someone who wanted to make pen lids more sleek, more attractive?

No, the real reason is something far more important, vital in fact.

Everyday Lethal Object

Sometimes the most innocuous things can be lethal. One of the major causes of blocked air passages in both children and adults are the lids of pens. Many people have died as a result of swallowing the lid of pens as they absentmindedly chewed on the caps.

Fatally Proportioned

Pen lids are commonly swallowed accidentally, often blocking the airwaves in the process. This is because the lids are the perfect proportions to prevent people from breathing lodging themselves in the trachea.

Life-saving Re-design

Those who are keen observers may have already noticed that pen designs have changed recently.

A simple new design change has been implemented by most pen manufactures that should prevent people from dying needlessly. A small hole in the top of pen lids allows people to breathe if a pen is swallowed.

So the next time that you are purchasing a pen remember to make sure that it has got a hole on the top. You never know, it may just save someone’s life, perhaps even your own.

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