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Published on April 25th, 2011 | by Yellow Magpie


Catherine Elizabeth Middleton: The Most Famous Woman In Britain


She has become one of the most famous women in the world. As she takes her place in one of the last remaining monarchies. The woman called Kate is now the envy of many.

Catherine Elizabeth ‘Kate’ Middleton, in many ways like Princess Diana, has come from obscurity to become the main focal point of media attention. This transition could not have been easy as she comes across as a relatively quiet girl who isn’t comfortable in the glare of the spotlight.

However, one gets the impression that Kate is more than ready for the job. Unlike Princess Diana she is getting married at an older age and has seen more of life. Her and William have been living together and she has already accompanied him on some of his official duties.

John Travolta And Princess Diana

A Changed Life

Now that she has married Prince William her life will no longer be her own. Every move will be watched, every gesture and expression will be photographed and spread across the tabloids and magazines. Her clothes, hair, shoes will all be scrutinised while clothes designers will queue up in the hopes that she will chose to wear one of their outfits.

The Question On Everyone’s Lips

So what is it about Kate Middleton that is so special, why did one of the most eligible batchelors in the world chose her. Willliam could have had any girl he wanted he only had to look at women to have them fall at his feet. Yet it was Kate Middleton who caught his eye and with whom he fell in love with after meeting her for the first time in the University of Saint Andrews in Scotland.

Prince William

Apart from falling in love, William would have had to ensure that, as future King, he was choosing a woman who would fit into the role of a suitable wife.  She would have to be able to meet and greet world leaders, celebrities, ordinary people on the street as well as charity leaders.

Pressure, Pressure, Pressure

There will be enormous pressure  on the marriage and on top of that she will be expected to produce a son and heir. Both Kate and William are said to be quiet and like a peaceful life, however, from the moment they said ‘I do‘ their life became almost public property.

Kate Middleton is poised, beautiful and very feminine. Known as a commoner she appears to have made a favourable impression with the royal family and the Queen apparently likes her and indeed gave her a loan of her tiara to wear on her wedding day.

But for William, Kate must resemble in some way his mother Princess Diana who showered him and his brother Harry with affection. In Kate he must see at least some of his mother’s personality traits, perhaps kindness and affection.

Prince William gave Kate his mother’s engagement ring saying that was his way of allowing his mother to be part of the day. He is also said to be delighted to be part of Kate’s family.

On their wedding day Kate’s mother Carol Middleton wore an outfit designed by Catherine Walker the designer used by the late Princess Diana. This was seen as a way of remembering William’s mother.

Both William and Kate are said to have increased the popularity rating of the Royal Family which was damaged greatly following the death of Princess Diana. Their wedding attracted at least two billion TV viewers from around the world, while thousands upon thousands of people lined the streets to try to get a glimpse of the happy couple.

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