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Published on May 3rd, 2013 | by Yellow Magpie


Fat, Sick And Nearly Dead Film Review: An Important Film In The Fight Against Obesity

Fat, Sick And Nearly Dead Film Review

Director: Joe Cross.
Cast: Joe Cross, Phil Staples and Bear Staples.

Fat, Sick And Nearly Dead tells the inspirational story of 40 year old Australian Joe Cross who weighs in at a whopping 300 plus pounds (140 kg) and he quest to treat his problems by going on a very peculiar diet.

When we first meet Joe his huge belly is spilling out over his shorts and he looks bloated and cumbersome. But being fat is not Joe’s only problem. He is also very sick with a painful auto-immune condition called Urticaria which manifests itself in a rash of large red patches all over his body. Even something as mild as a handshake can result in an outbreak. To combat this Joe is on a daily medication regime including the powerful steroid Prednisone.

Fat, Sick And Nearly Dead Film Review Joe Cross

Desperate to do something about his health he seeks answers from his childhood. He remembers when he cut his knee as a child and his mother telling him not to touch the wound until it healed. Joe begins to wonder if it is possible for the body to heal on the inside just as it does on the outside.

Having consulted with his GP Joe decides to go on a juice diet for 60 days during which time he consumes no solid food only vegetable and fruit juices.

The film really takes off when Cross undertakes to do his new diet in the US the home of fast food, burgers and massive portions. Feeling that if can be successful with his diet in the United States – where the temptation to eat poorly is at its greatest he can harden his resolve to keep his good dietary habits.

Fat, Sick And Nearly Dead Film Review Joe Cross And Phil Staples

Taking a film crew with him, he travels around the US talking to people about their diet and handing them the juices he makes with his battery operated juicer which he has in the back of his car.

One of the focal points of the film is trucker Phil Staples whom Joe causally meets on his travels. Phil too suffers from the rare Uriticaria. On the verge of suicide and inspired by Joe, Phil also undertakes the juicing regimen. He in turn motivates his brother Barry ‘Bear’ Staples to try the diet after he suffers a heart attack. The documentary film tracks the men’s progress with some very interesting results.

 Fat, Sick And Nearly Dead Film Review Phil And Bear Staples

Fat Sick and Nearly Dead is a truly uplifting film and an important insight into the vital role fruit and vegetables play in weight management and optimal health. It proposes a diet that may be of benefit to a lot of people and the results for those that undertake it seem quite remarkable.

The enjoyment of the film is in no small way due to Cross himself who comes across as gregarious and good-humoured. His personality drives the film and of course and you can’t help rooting for him as he copes with some of the side-effects of healthy food!

Well worth seeing.

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