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Published on May 19th, 2010 | by Yellow Magpie


Cheesy Eurovision Songs: Songs So Bad They’re Good

The Eurovision Song Contest is not exactly noted for its high quality songs, despite there being some really great songs. Unfortunately, it is more likely to produce cheesy songs, ridiculous costumes and silly choreography.

Udo Jurgens Sings ‘Merci Cherie’ For Austria (1966)

In 1966 Udo Jurgens sang Merci Cherie for Austria. Udo, no doubt, did his best and had quite a nice voice but the song was so cheesy it should have come with a warning announcement beforehand.

Dana Sings ‘All Kinds Of Everything’ For Ireland (1970)

Ireland was going for the Aw… factor with this this song which won the contest. The slide in the hair, the gap in the front teeth and the plain white dress with the celtic design all served to show just how innocent the singer was, but the song itself was awful.

Milk & Honey Perform ‘Hallelujah’ For Israel (1979)

Hallelujah sung by Milk and Honey was indeed too sweet to be wholesome. However, the song became very popular and proved that sweetness and light can win the day.

Bucks Fizz Perform ‘Making Your Mind Up’ For The United Kingdom (1981)

‘Making Your Mind Up’, was a silly song made worse by the even sillier dancing of the group Bucks Fizz, who no doubt did their best and somehow ended up winning.

Herrey’s Perform ‘Diggi’loo Diggi’ley’ For Sweden (1984)

Sweden was appealing to the female audience with these three guys, who probably cringe when they see themselves today.

Sandra Kim Sings ‘J’aime La Vie’ For Belgium (1986)

Sandra King’s shoulder pads dominated this tune and both her and the song were left somewhat in the shade.

Johnny Logan Sings ‘Hold Me Now’ For Ireland (1987)

Johnny Logan was obviously a big hit with the girls, but his song ‘Hold Me Now’, was pure cheese wrapped up in a white suite.

Riva Sings ‘Rock Me Baby’ For The Former Republic Of Yugoslavia (1989)

This song is just plain funny, clearly the producer of the video couldn’t decide on a theme so they just threw in a bit of everything. ‘Rock Me Baby’ won in 1989.

Charlotte Nilsson Sings ‘Take Me To Your Heaven’ For Sweden (1999)

Take Me To Your Heaven seems to be rip off of  the ABBA genre, but to be fair Charlotte Nilsson is a good singer. By the way, what are the backing singers wearing?

Dima Bilan Performs ‘Believe’ For Russia (2008)

Russia pulled out all the stops for ‘Believe’ in 2008, even bringing on one of the worlds’ greatest ice skaters Evgeni Plushenko. The result was a mish mash of Dima Bilan singing his heart out beside an over-the-top violinist, and Evgeni Plushenko circling the two and dominating the stage.

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