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Published on May 19th, 2010 | by Yellow Magpie


Catchy Eurovision Winning Songs: Songs To Sing Along To

Throughout its long history, the Eurovision Song Contest has has some quite catchy numbers which are easy to hum to and easy to remember.

Grethe & Jorgen Perform ‘Dansevise’ For Denmark (1963)

In 1963 the Danes entered this number which has quite a lilting chorus, probably aided by the waltz tempo and the guitar playing of Jorgen. The husband and wife duo performed the song well and won the competition.

Massiel Performs ‘La La La’ For Spain (1968)

This song from Massiel was certainly easy to sing along to as most of the lyrics consisted of La La La. Massiel sang the lyrics with great gusto and won the competition 1968.

Sandie Shaw Sings ‘Puppet On A String’ For The United Kingdom (1967)

Sandie Shaw’s ‘Puppet On A String’, was very popular and can still be heard on radio today. Older fans of the Eurovision will certainly remember this song, while younger viewers may be amazed at the static nature of the singer and the three backing singers. How times have changed.

Lulu Sings ‘Boom Bang A Bang’ For The United Kingdom (1969)

‘Boom Bang A Bang’ which was sung by Lulu for the United Kingdom was another big hit and its chorus made it easy to join in. Lulu was not behind the door when it came to facial expressions and acting out the song. She secured another win for Britain.

Teach-In Sing ‘Ding Dinge Dong’ For The Netherlands (1975)

The Netherlands won the competition with this ditty in 1975 even though you will notice the audience seem quite underwhelmed by it. Still, it was voted the best that year.

Brotherhood Of Man Perform ‘Save Your Kisses For Me’ For The United Kingdom (1976)

England seemed to have a knack of coming up with catchy songs and ‘Save Your Kisses For Me’ was no exception. Brimming with life, the Brotherhood Of Man gave it their all.

Bobbysocks Perform ‘La Det Swinge’ For Norway (1985)

With a name like Bobbysocks you have to perform something fun and swingy and indeed they did. The two lead singers dressed in sparkling  pink jackets look staid by today’s standards but back in 1985 they would have looked hip.

Katrina And The Waves Perform ‘Love Shine A Light’ For The United Kingdom (1997)

In 1997 Katrina and The Waves sang ‘Love Shine A Light’, the song was a very popular winner, not the greatest lyrics or melody in the world, but in 1997 people seemed to think it was worthy of winning.

Helena Paparizou Sings ‘My Number One’ For Greece (2005)

Helena Paparizou and her team of backing dancers gave a highly energetic performance. Helena managed to sing the song and dance without sounding in the least bit out of breath.

Cliff Richard Sings ‘Congratulations’ For The United Kingdom (1968)

The ever popular Cliff Richard didn’t win with his song ‘Congratulations’, but the song, it seems, will go on forever and is sung at weddings, birthdays, and every celebratory occasion.

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