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Published on March 12th, 2011 | by Yellow Magpie


The Best TV Comedy Series From The 80’s


1980’s TV comedies followed on from the tradition laid down in the 70’s and 60’s. However, some took the bar and raised it higher through great acting and terrific scriptwriting. Some of the shows decided to completely reinvent TV comedy standards.

Roseanne (1988-1997)

Roseanne was a ground-breaking 80’s sitcom. The series revolved around a working, lower-class family, something that is still a rarity on television. The Roseanne household were constantly trying to make ends meat.

What was notable about the series was the amount of issues that it covered from homosexuality to feminism, Roseanne seemed to include all the relevant topics of the time and this, together with its unique comedy, made it highly memorable.

Cheers (1982-93)

Cheers was a long-running sitcom that revolved around a bar in Boston. It featured a strong ensemble cast and multiple storylines that sometimes ran for several episodes.

The strength of Cheers resided in the acting of its cast and the brilliantly written scripts.

Blackadder (1983-89)

Blackadder was the British sitcom that put Rowan Atkinson on the map. It followed the nefarious Blackadder who was incompetently assisted by his slave-servant, Baldrick, through various periods in human history.

Blackadder was a success because of the wit of its principle protagonist and the other cast of characters, who were generally simpletons.

The Cosby Show (1984-92)

The Cosby Show was one of the hits of the 80’s. The Huxtables were an affluent, African-American, professional family living in Brooklyn, New York. Governed by the slightly grouchy, Heathcliff Huxtable, the highly popular series revolved around family life and the trials of raising children.

The Cosby Show often focused on issues that were particularly relevant to families such as dyslexia and teenage pregnancy but for the most part, the show completely avoided anything controversial.

Seinfeld (1989-98)

Seinfeld was a sitcom centred around a group of misanthropic, selfish friends who constantly complained about the self-perceived social injustices that would befall them.

Seinfeld rewrote the meaning of comedy by focusing on the everyday trivial and deriving humour from this. The series was a huge success and had a huge following.

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4 Responses to The Best TV Comedy Series From The 80’s

  1. Miranda says:

    How can you beat Rosanne?! Really there wasn’t a better series on than watching the American family and all the issues that came with em. Rosanne was super funny, and then even better when they won the lottery! I have been a long time employee and subscriber of DISH and it is neat to see the late night re-runs, its just a shame that they don’t have them in HD. I am an HD snob and sad to say I just cant enjoy the programming the same if it is not in HD.

  2. Yellow Magpie says:

    Thanks for your comment, Miranda. Roseanne was a great series. Two quality lead actors and a great support cast.

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  4. Anonymous says:

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