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Ann's Story: Chapter Twenty-Four 'Romance' - Yellow Magpie

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Published on November 12th, 2011 | by Yellow Magpie


Ann’s Story: Chapter Twenty-Four ‘Romance’


Yellow Magpie’s Saturday Serial continues with Chapter Twenty-Four. You can read chapter one,  two and three here.

Ann’s days were suddenly marked by attendances at fashion shows, dealing with PR companies and organising Katie whose working life was chaotic.

She would come in every morning in a tizzy and ask Ann what had she on that particular day. John, her business manager, had apparently been keeping track of her day-to-day activities up to now but added to his management role it had all become just too much.

Katie and Ann would go to a fashion show in which Katie’s designs were on display and invariably she would have forgotten something important.

‘Oh shit Ann I forgot my filofax…’ or ‘Ann, disaster I left my schedule in the office.’

Ann quickly realized that she would have to take over and treat Katie as if she was a child, a very creative and intelligent one, but a child none the less. Ann sat her down one day and very nicely told her that she would take care of all the organisation and to just  leave everything to her.

Prior to any fashion shows, Ann made sure she made several copies of the running schedule, what accessories went with which outfits, who was  providing the shoes and which model was wearing which outfit.

She also rang the PR company favoured by Katie and met with them to ensure that everything would run smoothly.  At first Ann was a bit nervous about meeting with them as the company was run by two scary women who always wore power suits and  appeared to be a little too cheerful and business-like for Ann’s taste.

Although it soon dawned on her that Katie was held in awe by them and this gave Ann the confidence to tell them what would be required at an event.

Ann also persuaded Katie to buy an electronic notebook to bring with them to the various events with the entire running order saved onto it.  And just in case, Ann backed up everything on her own desktop computer plus on a memory stick that she also brought with her.

About a month into the job she thought she might contact Joe to let him know she got the job. One quiet morning in the office when Katie was gone to meet a client she nervously dialled his number.

She was slightly relieved when she got an answering machine as she wasn’t really sure what she was going to say to him.

Speaking to a machine wasn’t a bad option, ‘Hi Joe, this is Ann White just ringing to let you know I got the job so if you want to meet up for lunch any time that would be great.’

The day passed with no word from Joe nor the next day or the day after that. Ann began to regret ringing him at all.

‘Who knows he may even have a girlfriend’, thought Ann.

The days went into weeks and Ann tried to put Joe out of her mind but she was deeply disappointed and hurt that he didn’t make contact with her.

Meanwhile she was getting to know Katie better and realised how tough her life had been. She had been adopted as a child and when she was in her twenties she decided to try to find her birth mother.

However, when she met her she had rejected her completely. ‘She was living a very stylish lifestyle and had  a massive house with a swimming pool in the back. She had three children and told me straight out that neither her husband nor children had any idea that she existed and she was not going to introduce her to them at this stage in their lives.

‘My adoptive parents were anything but well-off and had struggled all of their lives so it made me so angry. I have often felt since like putting it on the paper about my so-called mother. The press would love the story but it would be just a waste of energy.’ Katie told Ann.

‘Does she know how successful you have since become? asked Ann.

You know I don’t really care anymore she may even wear my clothes, who knows?’

Ann felt sorry for her and thought how different Katie’s life was from the one portrayed in the media. ‘To read about you, anyone would think you had came from a well-off background and had a perfect childhood’.

‘Well I did have a happy childhood but once I knew I had been adopted I always wondered where I came from.’

Ann grew very fond of Katie and admired her strong work ethic and of course she adored her designs. She even invested in a few pieces for herself and really enjoyed the feeling of wearing designer gear.

One day out of the blue Joe rang. There was no explanation as to why he had taken so long but he was his usual warm and charming self.

They met for lunch at an intimate restaurant and enjoyed a light meal with a glass of wine each. Joe was very attentive and seemed genuinely interested in everything Ann had to say. She loved his company and thought she might be falling in love with him.

At the end of the meal he made a date for the following Friday night for dinner. Ann accepted eagerly though she did wonder where she would stay that night as it would be too late to get a train back home. ‘I don’t want to stay with Joe, it is too soon,’ she felt.

Ann booked herself into a B&B and looked forward to the night. She wore one of Katie’s dresses a powder blue jersey dress with tiny sequinnes here and there. Ann felt fabulous in it.

As the night drew closer she became more and more excited at the prospect of spending an entire evening in his company.

Joe collected her from work and took her to a very posh restaurant he ordered a bottle of wine but Ann was determined not to drink too much as she wanted to keep her wits about her.

But as the night progressed and she grew more and more relaxed in his company  and she forgot about her promise to herself and drank at least three glasses. She was not used to drinking and it went right to her head with the result she also forgot about the B&B and ended up in Joe’s apartment and then in his bed.

When she woke up the following morning a wave of guilt sweep over her. Her head was bursting and she felt cheap and stupid at how easy he had gotten her into bed.

She could hear him in the kitchen and he came back into the bedroom with a tray with coffee, orange juice and toast. He leaned over the bed and planted a kiss on he lips which made Ann feel a little better.

‘What would you like to do today?  He said. Ann had expected to go home but was chuffed that he wanted her to stick around.

They ended up going for lunch again and then to a film. When the film was over Ann said she had better be going home. Joe said he had thought she might stay another night. Ann was tempted but was still feeling sheepish about the night before.

Once again he drove her to the station and before she got out he kissed her passionately on the mouth.

‘I will be in touch’, he said.

Ann shyly got out of his car and headed for the train. Her emotions were in turmoil one minute she was scolding herself for sleeping with him and the next she was squealing to herself with delight.

She knew one thing for certain taking the job at Katie Hill’s was already proving to be a life changing decision.

You can read chapter one,  two and three here.

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