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Ann's Story: Chapter Twenty Five 'Life Changes' - Yellow Magpie

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Published on November 20th, 2011 | by Yellow Magpie


Ann’s Story: Chapter Twenty Five ‘Life Changes’


Yellow Magpie’s Saturday Serial continues with Chapter Twenty-Five. You can read the list of chapters here.

Thelma was not overly impressed that Ann was seeing Joe in a romantic way. ‘Be careful he is a very nice guy but will never commit and in the end he is bound to hurt you,’ she warned.

Ann just thought she was jealous and continued to see him falling deeper and deeper in love. Even though she had to admit that there were some things about him that unsettled her a bit.

If they were at an event and he met someone he knew, he would become totally engrossed with the other person chatting them warmly and totally engaging with them so much so that Ann often felt he had forgotten about her.

She was also well aware of his effect on people. Women and men seemed to love him and enjoy his company and he had the ability to make them feel special. Even when she introduced him to Katie, Ann could see she was taken with him.

Then there was the feeling that the relationship wasn’t going anywhere, he was always kind and considerate and brought her to great restaurants and shows but he never spoke of love.

None the less Ann was happy enough and kept reminding herself of her previous existance when she saw no future for herself.

‘I have a great job working for someone I respect and admire. I have a good salary and I have a fabulous boyfriend,’  she consoled herself.

Still Thelma’s words were always in the back of her mind and she couldn’t bear the thought of losing Joe.

One evening when she was enjoying one of Thelma’s bowls of soup she told Ann that she too had had a relationship with Joe. She said how much she had loved him and hoped that he had loved her however it had gone nowhere.

‘It just petered out to what it is now, a friendship,’ said Thelma looking intensly at Ann. ‘He seems incapable of  commitment and though he wants me in his life he was not prepared to take the next step.’

Ann was shocked, it had never entered her head that Joe and Thelma had ever been intimate apart from the first time she had caught a glimpse of him through the window the day Thelma moved in.

‘I know you might be thinking it will be different with me, Ann, and maybe it will but have you ever seen his Facebook page?’

Ann admitted that she hadn’t. Facebook never interested her and she had no wish to join.

‘Would you like to see it?’

Ann was becoming annoyed and impatient with Thelma and while she didn’t want to hear any thing else negative about Joe she was still curious to see what she was going on about.

Thelma got her laptop and brought it back to the table, she opened Joe’s page and there were over 500 friends. His page was full of messages from women asking to meet for coffee or drinks, and inquiring where he was.

Men also were looking for him and complimenting him on a recent job offer. The number of times he had replied was miniscule but still people wanted to be his friend.

Message after message began.

‘Hi Joe, how are you doing, long time no see. Give me a call and we can meet up.’

Hey Joe, what you up to man, were you watching the match last night?’

‘Hi stranger haven’t seen you in ages, where are you these days?’

The list went on and on.

‘See what I mean Ann? I’m not showing you this to make you feel bad it’s just he runs from any form of commitment. He is fine as a friend but even that can be frustrating at times. I have known him for over ten years and often I think I don’t know him at all. He has one those charmasmatic personalities and people are naturally drawn to him they want more but he will only go so far and no further.’

Ann felt deflated and when she got back home she began to think about her relationship with Joe. She hadn’t heard from him that day and usually she would give him a ring. This time she decided to wait and see if he would ring her.

Given what she had just learned from Thelma she wasn’t surprised when he didn’t.

She went to work the next day with a heavy heart and to make matters worse she also had a fresh worry she thought she might be pregnant.

She did her best to put the thought out of her head, ‘I am in my mid 40’s afterall it could just be menopausal symptoms.’ She thought to herself.

The thought of being pregnant filled her with fear and dread. ‘Not at this stage of my life, please God.’ She had to know.

That lunchtime she went to the pharmacy to pick up a pregnancy test. She waited until she got home to the safety of her home to carry out the procedure.

Joe hadn’t contacted her that day either and her already heavy heart was now in pain as she realised she had been doing most of the pursuing and now that she had given him a respite he was taking it.

Her hands shook as she unwrapped the packaging and tears sprang into her eyes as it dawned on her that if she was pregnant then she would probably have to face it alone.

The test confirmed what she already knew in her heart, she was pregnant with Joe’s child.

‘Oh my God how could I have been so stupid, at my age. What will the neighbours think? How will I manage? The baby could have a disability it is dangerous to give birth at this age. What will Joe think?’

Her mind was in turmoil and she knew she would have to tell him and she shuddered at the thought of what his reaction might be.

‘The last thing he wants is a child’ thought Ann. ‘It’s the last thing I want too. Oh you fool Ann, you stupid stupid fool.’

When Ann went to bed that night she thought about the many ways a baby would change her life and none of them appealed to her. She was too old to care for a small baby and she knew nothing about babies. In fact she always avoided talking about babies as much as she could, they made her feel uncomfortable. Now here she was facing the prospect of becoming a mother.

The concept was so foreign to her. She tossed and turned and longed for Joe praying he would ring but the phone remained silent. Another week passed before he finally rang with no explanation as to where he had been, nor did he ask her where she had been.

Ann was determined to make him face up to his responsibilities and she planned to tell him about the baby the following day.

You can read the list of chapters here.

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