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Ann's Story: Chapter Twenty One 'New Frontiers' - Yellow Magpie

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Published on October 8th, 2011 | by Yellow Magpie


Ann’s Story: Chapter Twenty One ‘New Frontiers’


Yellow Magpie’s Saturday Serial continues with Chapter Twenty. You can read chapter one,  two and three here.

Ann was becoming increasingly despondent as the days passed quickly into months and she still hadn’t found a job.The six months grace she had promised she would give herself were almost up and the future was still very uncertain.

Thelma was busier than ever and constantly on the go jetting here and there while Ann’s life appeared to have ground to a halt. She watched with envy as she observed Thelma, looking as glamorous as ever climbing into her car and taking off down the road.

She had no regrets about not doing escort work but she had to admit that life for her was as dull as ever. One day Thelma had lost patience with her moaning and told her to grab hold of her life and do something positive even if it was only to have her hair done.

‘I’m sorry Ann but you need a kick up the ass,’ she had said matter of factly. ‘For God’s sake do something, anything different. You are lazy about your life and yourself, you don’t make enough of an effort. You put all of your energy into complaining. So life is tough, tell me about it. Get over yourself.’

Ann had looked at her dumbstruck before storming out of Thelma’s kitchen and running back across the road. Thelma had later rung her and apologised. But a lot of what she said had resonated with Ann and she knew she was telling the truth.

There was no sign of Joe either and Ann often longed for a repeat of the evening when he had burst into the kitchen while she was taking care of Thelma’s house. But it wasn’t to be.

One lacklustre afternoon, shortly after Thelma’s outburst, Ann was leafing through the paper when a job caught her eye. It was for a personal assistant to well known fashion designer, Katie Hill.

Ann adored this woman’s designs and even though she seldom dressed up herself she had always loved clothes and how they could transform the way women looked and felt about themselves.

She read the brief job description. The advertisement required a mature person with good communication skills who would manage Katie’s busy diary, arrange appointments with clients and scheduele meetings.

Ann thought it sounded like something she could do but she had no experience in the fashion industry.

She put the paper down and tried to get enthusiastic about doing some housework but she couldn’t manage it and the job advertisement kept creeping back into her mind.

She was more than tempted to apply but she felt too scared.  All she could think of was the zany characters and glamorous models that inhabited the fashion industry. ‘Where would I fit into that world with my background.’ She wondered.

Another problem was that the job was in the city of Stevensburg which would mean either a move or a daily commute of over 100 kilometres.

She made up her mind to forget the job completely but it refused to leave her alone until she finally succumbed and sent off her Cirruculum Vitae.

A few days later she received a call from somebody at Katie Hill’s office to ask her to come for an interview on the following Monday.

The call sent Ann into a frenzy as she realised how long it had been since she attended an interview. She was also acutely aware of how little she really knew about Katie Hill’s work apart from admiring them in magazines.

She began to read up about her life and found out she was near her own age and had worked her way up to become the success she was today.

Ann found a picture of Katie Hill on the Internet and immediately didn’t like the look of her. She was dressed in black from head to toe and had scarlet red hair cut into a severe but ultra modern style.

She wore an oversized silver ring on her finger and a chunky silver necklace around her neck. Ann was afraid of her already and she hadn’t even met her.

Then she discovered an interview with Katie Hill by journalist John Wilson from two years ago. It began:

‘Katie Hill sweeps into the foyer of the ShinShan hotel wearing her customary black trousers and matching polo-neck. Her striking red hair is swept up into a high top pony tail with a shiny silver grip. Confident, assured with refined looks she smiles and holds out a long thin hand to me. Hi John, she says warmly sitting down opposite.’

Ann continued to read but the more she read the more she felt intimidated.

‘I can’t stand people who are lazy and not willing to work. I have always worked hard and I demand the same from those around me. She had told Wilson.

Ann remembered Thelma’s stinging words to her about being lazy. The interview continued:

‘I love style and I love to see women enjoy being stylish. I often see girls on the street and I want to dress them. Every woman can look good if they know what suits them in terms of style and cut. I don’t care what size you are. The important thing is to always stay fresh and try new things. Why should the youngsters have all the fun.’

Ann knew she would have to make a special effort with this interview and she needed advice on what to wear, wanting to look really well and come across as competent.

When Thelma got back from her latest trip Ann crossed the road to tell her she had an interview lined up and really needed to look well and make a good impression.

Thelma said she was delighted for her and promised to help her pick out a winning outfit.
In the meantime, Ann continued to read as much as she could about Katie Hill and the fashion industry in general.

On the Saturday prior to the interview Thelma and her went shopping and Ann tried on a number of outfits but Thelma turned up her nose at them all.
‘You have to get out of your comfort zone Ann and try something that is suitable but a little more trendy.’

In the end they settled on a black trouser suit which Thelma teamed with dark green shoes. She insisted she wear a lacy black top underneath and she gave her a heavy gold chain to wear around her neck. She also gave her a stunning dark black leather bag to hang over her shoulder.

On the morning of the interview Thelma did her hair and simple make-up and assured her she would be terrific. She even drove her he to the station to get the train to Stevensburg.

‘Now remember Katie Hill will be lucky to get you, Ann. You have experience, you are reliable and intelligent. These are qualities that every employer wants. Good luck and ring me to let me know how you got on.’

Ann promised she would before stepping onto the train that would hopefully bring her to a new chapter in her life.

You can read chapter one,  two and three here.

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