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Published on December 5th, 2010 | by Yellow Magpie


Alfonso Ribeiro Quotes: Carlton Talks


Alfonso Ribeiro Quotes

Here is Yellow Magpie’s selection of Alfonso Ribeiro quotes.

‘We are all winners here.’

‘I enjoy looking at words on paper and visualizing how to make them come to life. As a director, the creative process is really amazing.’

I’ve been very fortunate in the things I’ve had in my life. But, at the same time, I wish I had the same types of memories as everyone else.

‘If you want to be an actor, you have to do it because you love acting, not because you want to be a celebrity.’

‘The role has made it harder for me to do new work as an actor. For example, Carlton’s character can’t dance, but I can. I’ve been dancing since I was a kid. I don’t think I’m anything like Carlton Banks’.
Alfonso Ribeiro Quotes With Former Wife Robin Stapler

‘People are still seeing me in that light… It’s a character people. I’m not playing myself, that’s why they call it ‘acting!’ – on the character of Carlton.

‘That was the most amazing thing. Michael Jackson was my idol. I loved him to death. I could dance like him. I could sing like him, and it was great career-wise.’ – on being discovered by Michael Jackson during a Broadway musical.

‘You never really understand how difficult it is to host a game. All of a sudden … I’m the person who navigates the game for the contestants, and I have to be aware of all the possibilities and all of the different things that could happen in the game.’ -on being a game-show host.’


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  1. This is a really interesting write up. I am surprised he was nothing like Carlton. He did a great job acting the part though.

  2. I didn’t know this either. I can see it now.

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